Manufacturer of Woven Screen Wire Mesh - Architectural Square Stainless Steel Crimped Mining Wire Mesh /Vibrating Screen Mesh – DXR

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According to different materials, it can also be called crimped wire mesh of iron wire, galvanized crimped wire mesh, crimped wire mesh of Bai Gang, crimped wire mesh of Kurogane, embossed stainless steel, crimped wire mesh of wire rod and crimped wire mesh of copper clad steel. According to different uses, crimped wire mesh can also be used as crimped wire mesh for ore screening, crimped wire mesh for pig raising, crimped wire mesh for barbecue, crimped wire mesh for granary and crimped wire mesh for decoration. According to the form, it can also be called pimple crimped wire mesh, crimped wire mesh and crimped wire mesh. Crimped wire mesh is a multi-purpose silk screen product, which isa square mesh made of metal wires of different materials and specifications by a ginning machine and a new type of netting machine. crimped wire mesh.

DXR Wire Mesh is a manufacturing & trading combo of wire mesh and wire cloth in the China. With a track record of over 30 years of business and a technical sales staff with over 30 years of combined experience.
In 1988, DeXiangRui Wire Cloth Co, Ltd. was founded in Anping County Hebei Province, which is the hometown of wire mesh in China. DXR's annual value of production is about 30 million US dollars, of which 90% of products delivered to more than 50 countries and regions. It is a high-tech enterprise, also a leading company of industrial cluster enterprises in Hebei Province. DXR brand as a famous brand in Hebei Province has been registered in 7 countries around the world for trademark protection. Nowadays, DXR Wire Mesh is one of the most competitive metal wire mesh manufacturers in Asia.
DXR's main products are stainless steel wire mesh, filter wire mesh, titanium wire mesh, copper wire mesh, plain steel wire mesh and all kinds of mesh further-processing products. Total 6 series, about thousand types of products, widely applied for petrochemical, aeronautics and astronautics, food, pharmacy, environmental protection, new energy, automotive and electronic industry.

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