electrolytic copper anode

What is the copper wire mesh
Copper wire mesh is a high-purity copper mesh with a copper content of 99%, which fully reflects the various characteristics of copper, extremely high electrical conductivity (after gold and silver), and good shielding performance.
Copper wire mesh is widely used in the shielding networks. In addition, the surface of copper is easily oxidized to form a dense oxide layer, which can effectively increase the rust resistance of the copper mesh, so it is sometimes used to filter corrosive gases and liquids.
copper mesh with a copper content of 99.9%. It is soft, malleable, and has high electrical and thermal conductivity. As a result, it is popularly used as RFI shielding, in Faraday Cages, in roofing, in HVAC, and in numerous electrical-based applications.


Major Function
1. Electromagnetic radiation protection, effectively blocking the harm of electromagnetic waves to the human body.
2. Shielding electromagnetic interference to ensure the normal work of instruments and equipment.
3. Prevent electromagnetic leakage and effectively shield the electromagnetic signal in the display window.
Main uses
1: electromagnetic shielding or electromagnetic radiation protection that needs light transmission; Such as screen that display window of the instrument table.
2. Electromagnetic shielding or electromagnetic radiation protection that needs ventilation; Such as chassis, cabinets, ventilation windows, etc.
3. Electromagnetic shielding or electromagnetic wave radiation of walls, floors, ceilings and other parts; Such as laboratories, computer rooms, high-voltage and low-voltage rooms and radar stations.
4. Wires and cables are resistant to electromagnetic interference and play a protective role in electromagnetic shielding.

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