60 mesh shielded brass mesh supplier


Major Function
1. Electromagnetic radiation protection, effectively blocking the harm of electromagnetic waves to the human body.
2. Shielding electromagnetic interference to ensure the normal work of instruments and equipment.
3. Prevent electromagnetic leakage and effectively shield the electromagnetic signal in the display window.

Main uses
1: electromagnetic shielding or electromagnetic radiation protection that needs light transmission; Such as screen that display window of the instrument table.
2. Electromagnetic shielding or electromagnetic radiation protection that needs ventilation; Such as chassis, cabinets, ventilation windows, etc.
3. Electromagnetic shielding or electromagnetic wave radiation of walls, floors, ceilings and other parts; Such as laboratories, computer rooms, high-voltage and low-voltage rooms and radar stations.
4. Wires and cables are resistant to electromagnetic interference and play a protective role in electromagnetic shielding.

Company introduction
Founded in 1988, De Xiang Rui is Initially supplies stainless steel wire mesh to our customers. Through 30-years growth, we have continued to develop and expand our product range to meet the market demands.
Being Quality Endorsed ISO : 9001 Standard means there is always a guaranteed high level of quality control and service. As a result, our products are not only popular in domestic but also find a good sale in oversea market and obtain recognition and high reputation from the customers.
Our company is willing to use the Internet as a medium to establish good trade relations with friends from all corners of the world and businessmen from all continents on the basis of mutual benefit, honesty and trustworthiness, and friendly cooperation.

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