Titanium Anode Metal Mesh

Titanium anodes are highly resistant to corrosion and can withstand extreme temperatures and harsh chemicals, making them ideal for use in demanding industrial applications. They are also lightweight and have a long lifespan, which makes them a cost-effective choice for many applications. Some common uses for titanium anodes include wastewater treatment, metal refining, and the production of microelectronics and semiconductors.

Titanium expanded metal is a strong, durable and uniform open mesh allowing full supply of light, air, heat, fluids and rays while preventing an entrance of unnecessary objects or individuals. We manufacture small duty titanium expanded metal, medium duty titanium expanded metal and heavy duty titanium expanded metal.

Titanium mesh baskets and MMO mesh anodes made from titanium mesh are also available.
There are three types of titanium mesh by manufacturing method: weaved mesh, stamped mesh, and expanded mesh.
Titanium wire weaved mesh is weaved by commercial pure titanium metal wire, and the openings are regularly square. The wire diameter and opening size are mutual restrictions. Wire mesh with small openings is mostly used for filtering.
Stamped mesh is stamped from titanium sheets, the openings are regularly round, it also can be other required. Stamping dies are engaged in this product. The thickness and opening size are mutual restrictions.
Titanium sheet expanded mesh is expanded from titanium sheets, the openings are normally diamond. It is used as an anode in many fields.

Titanium Mesh Applications:
Titanium mesh is used in many applications, such as seawater- shipbuilding, military, mechanical industry, chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, medicine, satellite, aerospace, environmental industry, electroplating, battery, surgery, filtration, chemical filter, mechanical filter, oil filter, electromagnetic shielding, electric, power, water desalination, heat exchanger, energy, paper industry, titanium electrode etc.



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6.l have no idea what mesh l need.How do l find it? Our website contains considerable technical information and photographs to assist you and we will attempt to supply you with the wire mesh you specify.However, we cannot recommend a particular wire mesh for specialized applications. We need to be given a specific mesh description or sample in order to proceed. If you are still uncertain, we suggest that you contact an engineering consultant in your field.Another possibility would be for you to purchase samples from us to determine their suitability.

7.l have a sample of the mesh l need but l don't know how to describe it,can you help me? Yes, send us the sample and we will contact you with the results of our examination.

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