stainless steel crimped wire mesh for Coal mine screen

Crimping woven mesh is a universal wire product with accurate and consistent square and rectangular openings, which is made of high-quality carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire, galvanized steel wire, spring steel, copper wire and brass wire. It has many knitting methods, such as double curl, flat top curl, middle curl and lock curl. 

Commonly used in industries with strict requirements on stability. For example, the food industry is used as a net basket for food, and the chemical industry is used for screening and filtering in acid and alkali environments. Electroplating industry is used as pickling net, petroleum industry as mud net, architectural decoration as decorative net, oil-water separator in automobile industry, etc. Stainless steel has been widely used in mining, chemical industry, medicine, petroleum, metallurgy, machinery, protection, construction, handicrafts and other industries in crimped wire mesh.

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