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Filter Wire Mesh

In all our filters we use AISI 304 and AISI 316 grade stainless steel wires, nickel wire, low carbon steel wire, galvanized wire with ISO 9001 –REACH and ROHS certificates imported directly from the best-known companies. Filters that we produce with DXR brand name are being used commonly in recycling, plastics, jute, polyester, fiber, rubber, oil, chemical industries. All our products are packed and delivered to customers according to the highest protective standards after being thoroughly quality controlled. Thorough knowledge of market and customers’ demand in these years, DXR has accumulated rich experiences in mesh products deep processing, and self-designed slitting, plasma cutting, ultrasonic cleaning, pleating, welding and other kinds of processing equipment. According to customers’ request, stainless steel wire mesh, nickel wire mesh, low carbon steel wire mesh, galvanized wire mesh, etc. can be produced into mesh slits with different width and length, or various shapes of mesh discs, tolerance range can be accurate to ±0.1mm. DXR can supply mesh slits with the length up to 30000 feet, and make sure the stability of product quality and safety of the transportation at the same time. DXR also can design and manufacture mesh tube, mesh bowl, special-shaped mesh discs, spots welding discs, and other further processing mesh products. Disc Filters

Disc Filters can be produced one layer in disc, square, ellipse, rectangle, a circle with a hole in the middle shape. AISI 304-316 grade stainless steel wires mesh are used as material. Sizes can be from 10mm up to 900mm diameter.

Filters with Frame

Filters with a frame can be produced single or multi-layers in disc, square, ellipse, rectangle, a circle with a hole in the middle shape. The frame material can be aluminum or stainless steel. And sizes available from 10mm up to 900mm diameter.

Multi Layered Point Welded Filters

Multi layered disc, square, ellipse, rectangle, a circle with a hole in the middle shaped filters produced with AISI 304 - 316 grade stainless steel wire mesh. Sizes are from 10mm up to 900mm diameter. Layers are point welded by special welding machines.

Cylinder Filters

Cylinder filters can be single or multi layered. Also produced with AISI 304-316 materials. Sizes can be according to customer specifications. Up and bottom edges can be framed with aluminum or stainless steel materials.