Which filter is fine, 60 mesh or 80 mesh?

Compared with the 60-mesh filter, the 80-mesh filter is finer. The mesh number is commonly expressed in terms of the number of holes per inch in the world, and some will use the size of each mesh hole. For a filter, the mesh number is the number of holes in the screen per square inch. The mesh number The higher the mesh number, the more mesh holes, and the finer the filtering; the lower the mesh number, the fewer mesh holes, and the coarser the filtering.
Filter mesh, referred to as filter mesh, is made of metal mesh of different meshes. It is generally divided into metal filter mesh and textile fiber filter mesh. Its function is to filter the molten material flow and increase the material flow resistance, thereby achieving filtration. It can remove mechanical impurities and improve the effect of mixing or plasticizing. The filter has properties such as temperature resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, and wear resistance. It is mainly used in petroleum, chemical industry, machinery manufacturing and other industries.