The role of nickel mesh in nickel-cadmium batteries

Nickel-cadmium batteries are a common battery type that usually consists of multiple cells. Among them, nickel wire mesh is an important component of nickel-cadmium batteries and has multiple functions.
First, the nickel mesh can play a role in supporting the battery electrodes. The electrodes of batteries are usually made of metal materials and require a support structure to support the electrodes, otherwise the electrodes will be deformed or mechanically damaged. Nickel mesh can provide just this kind of support.
Second, nickel mesh can increase the surface area of battery electrodes. The electrochemical reaction in a nickel-cadmium battery needs to be carried out on the electrode surface, so expanding the electrode surface area can increase the battery reaction rate, thereby increasing the battery power density and capacity.
Third, nickel mesh can enhance the mechanical stability of the battery. Since batteries are often subjected to mechanical effects such as vibration and vibration, if the electrode material is not stable enough, it may lead to poor contact or short circuit between the electrodes. Using nickel mesh can make the electrode more stable and avoid these problems.
In short, nickel wire mesh plays an important role in nickel-cadmium batteries. It not only supports the electrodes and increases the electrode surface area, but also enhances the mechanical stability of the battery. These functions together ensure the performance of the battery, allowing it to better meet people’s needs.