The Dutch Weave Wire Mesh

The Dutch Weave Wire Mesh is also called Micronic Filter Cloth. Plain Dutch Weave is primarily used as a filter cloth. The openings slant diagonally through the cloth and can not be seen by looking directly at the cloth.

This weave has a coarser mesh and wire in the warp direction and a finer mesh and wire in the direction, giving a very compact, firm mesh with great strength.The Plain Dutch Weave Wire Mesh Cloth or wire filter cloth is woven the same way as the plain weave wire cloth.

The exception of the plain Dutch wire cloth weave is that the warp wires are heavier than the wires. The spacing is also wider. They are used for industrial application; especially as filter cloth and for separation purposes.

Plain Dutch weaves offer strength and rigidity along with fine filtration capabilities.

Twilled Dutch weaves offer even greater strength and finer filtration ratings.

In a twilled weave, the wires cross two under and two over, allowing heavier wires and higher mesh counts. Plain dutch weave can accommodate high flow rates with a relatively low pressure drop. They are woven with each warp and weft wire passing over and under one wire.