Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Prone to Problems During Processing

The production of stainless steel wire mesh requires a rigorous process,in the process because of some force majeure factors lead to product quality problems.

1.The welding point is defective,although this problem can be solved by hand-mechanical grinding,But the grinding of the traces will still lead to uneven appearance, affecting the appearance.If use the surface pickling passivation treatment method,also will lead to uneven surface, affecting the appearance.

2.Various scratches in processing is difficult to remove,the timely use of the overall pickling passivation treatment process is also very difficult to completely remove,especially the welding splash and adhesion of stainless steel mesh surface impurities.

3.The insufficient of pickling ability caused the lack of Black oxide scale,affecting the appearance, it is difficult to remove.

4.Human factors caused by scratches,such as hoisting, transport bumps, hammering, etc. caused by serious scratches,it’s hard to remove,even after treatment is also very easy to become the main part of corrosion.These are some common problems in production,in the production must take all the means to avoid the occurrence of these problems, the damage to a minimum.