How dust collectors work and the importance of self-cleaning

In steel structure production activities, welding smoke, grinding wheel dust, etc. will produce a lot of dust in the production workshop. If the dust is not removed, it will not only endanger the health of the operators, but also be directly discharged into the environment, which will also have catastrophic consequences for the environment. Influence.
When the dust collector performs the filtration function, the controller controls the fan to rotate forward, the controller controls the first valve switch to open to allow the air to enter the housing from the air inlet, and the controller controls the second valve to close to allow the air to flow from the lower end of the housing. The air outlet discharges;
When performing the cleaning function, the controller controls the first valve to close, the second valve to open, and the fan to rotate in reverse direction, so that the air enters the housing from the air outlet, and the dust on the filter is discharged from the dust exhaust pipe to realize the cleaning of the filter. automatic cleaning;
Set the filter into a spherical structure, which effectively increases the filtering area. Set a dust bag at the end of the dust exhaust pipe to collect the discharged dust to prevent it from entering the environment and polluting the environment. Tilt the dust exhaust pipe downward. Set up to prevent dust or larger particles from being deposited in the dust exhaust pipe and unable to be discharged. It has the characteristics of no need to disassemble and automatic cleaning of the filter.
The dust collector filter screen has a spherical structure. The filter screen is arranged inside the housing member, and the spherical opening of the filter screen is set upward. A dust discharge port is provided at the center bottom of the filter screen. The dust discharge port is A dust exhaust pipe extending to the outside of the housing is provided. A second valve switch is provided at the dust exhaust pipe to open or close the dust exhaust pipe. A forward and reverse fan is installed inside the housing and below the filter. .
Dust collectors are often used to absorb and remove impurities such as dust in the air, thereby improving air quality. However, although existing dust collectors can remove dust in the air, as the use time increases, dust accumulates at the filter screen, affecting the quality of the air. In order to achieve the dust removal effect, the filter needs to be disassembled frequently for cleaning. Disassembly is troublesome, so a self-cleaning dust collector is necessary.