factory sale hardware cloth stainless steel wire mesh

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Weave type

 1.Plain weave/double weave: This standard type of wire weaving produces a square opening, where warp threads alternately pass above and below weft threads at right angles.

 2.Twill square: It is usually used in applications that need to handle heavy loads and fine filtration. Twill square woven wire mesh presents a unique parallel diagonal pattern.

 3.Twill Dutch: Twill Dutch is famous for its super strength, which is achieved by filling a large number of metal wires in the target area of knitting. This woven wire cloth can also filter particles as small as two microns.

 4.Reverse plain Dutch: Compared with plain Dutch or twill Dutch, this kind of wire weaving style is characterized by larger warp and less shut thread.

Common Applications

It is mostly used in petroleum, chemical, marine and other high corrosive environments.

Food, medicine, beverage, and other health industries

Coal, mineral processing, and other wear-resistant industries

Aviation, aerospace, scientific research and other high-end fine industries


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