Eco Bastion Defensive Barriers Fence

Defensive Barrier cages, also known as explosion-proof walls, locking sandbags, and flood-proof walls, are assembled from welded gabion mesh and geotextiles. They can hold fine sand, soil and stones instead of traditional military bunker sandbags, and can be recycled. new products utilized.

Explosion-proof cage and explosion-proof wall Product features: The explosion-proof cage system is designed to be folded and packaged for easy transportation. It is extremely mobile, easy to install, outstanding in effect, and conducive to recycling.

Different from traditional gabion net gabion, it can not only hold stones, but also can hold extremely fine sand, and the filling materials are obtained locally, especially suitable for use in the lower reaches of rivers or seashores where stones are scarce. With the help of excavators, forklifts and other tools, the installation efficiency is dozens or even hundreds of times that of traditional sandbags.

It can be used as military equipment, and can be used in temporary bunkers, forts, and station headquarters for combat troops to replace traditional artificial trenches, effectively reducing soldiers and casualties.

The explosion-proof cages produced by our company have as many as 12 specifications, in various colors such as earth gray, earth yellow, grass green, etc., and can be flexibly combined to apply to different scenes or purposes.