60 mesh electrode nickel mesh manufacturer

What is nickel wire mesh?
Nickel Wire Mesh is made of pure nickel wire (Nickel purity>99.8%) by weaving machines, the weaving pattern includes plain weaving, dutch weaving, reverse dutch weaving, etc. We are capable of producing ultra fine nickel mesh, up to 400 meshes per inch.

So how is nickel woven wire mesh made?
It is produced by weaving two distinct sets of pure nickel wires (warp and weft / woof / filling wires) at right angles. Each warp and weft wire passes over one, two or other amounts of wires, and then under the next one, two or other amounts of wires. There are four main weaves according to different inter-structure of the mesh: plain, dutch, twilled, twilled dutch. For example,
Plain woven wire mesh is the mesh where warp and weft wires pass over one, and then under the next adjacent wire on both sides.
Warp and weft wires of twilled woven wire cloth need to pass over two, and then under two successive wires in both directions.
Nickel wire woven mesh varies widely in its mesh size, wire diameter, hole size. Moreover, it can be cut, formed into many kinds of shapes, like round wire mesh disc, rectangular woven mesh filter discs, metal mesh filter caps, filter screen tubes, … As a result, nickel wire mesh is suitable for a wide range of environments.

Some of the key properties and features of pure nickel wire mesh are:
- High heat resistance: Pure nickel wire mesh can withstand temperatures of up to 1200°C, making it suitable for high-temperature environments such as furnaces, chemical reactors, and aerospace applications.
- Corrosion resistance: Pure nickel wire mesh is highly resistant to corrosion from acids, alkalis, and other harsh chemicals, making it ideal for use in chemical processing plants, oil refineries, and desalination plants.
- Durability: Pure nickel wire mesh is strong and durable, with good mechanical properties that ensure it retains its shape and provides long-lasting performance.
- Good conductivity: Pure nickel wire mesh has good electrical conductivity, making it useful for applications in the electronics industry.

Nickel wire mesh and electrodes play a pivotal role in the hydrogen production industry, particularly in electrolyzers. Some key applications include:
Electrolysis: Nickel mesh serves as a highly efficient and durable electrode in electrolysis, facilitating the separation of water into hydrogen and oxygen.
Fuel Cells: Nickel electrodes are used in fuel cells to catalyze hydrogen oxidation and produce electrical energy with high efficiency.
Hydrogen Storage: Nickel-based materials are employed in hydrogen storage systems due to their ability to absorb and release hydrogen gas reversibly.

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