What is the thinnest size of the filter screen?

        Filter screen, abbreviated as filter screen, is made of metal wire mesh with different mesh sizes. It is generally divided into metal filter screen and textile fiber filter screen. Its function is to filter molten material flow and increase material flow resistance, thereby achieving the effect of filtering out mechanical impurities and improving mixing or plasticization. The filter screen has properties such as temperature resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, and wear resistance, and is mainly used in industries such as petroleum, chemical, and mechanical manufacturing.

        For a filter screen, the mesh size is the number of holes on one square inch of the screen, and the higher the mesh size, the more holes there are; The lower the mesh size, the fewer the sieve holes. The thinnest filter mesh is 3um, with a mesh size of 400 * 2800, and is woven into a mat shape.